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August 02, 2018

Ever since I started Misusu Patterns, I've been so blessed to have met so many wonderful people (mostly online) from the sewing community. Some of them I'm happy to call friends now. One of those people is Tina and she's been a Misusuperstar from the first hour. I met her during one of the first pattern testings I ever did and I've been enjoying her friendship and her help (in so many different ways) ever since. Not surprisingly, she's a part of the Misusu Patterns FREEkin' Sewing Challenge inspirator team. And boy, did she inspire! Her hack of the Summer Olli shorts to an Olli skirt got so much love, that I asked her to share her hack in a guest blog post. And here it is! Thank you Tina! 

The lovely miss Tina Ekklund Philp


The Olli skirt 😍

This hack was the first thing that came to mind when I joined the inspirator tour. I first made the very straight forward version and then I made the “fake placket” one. They are both super easy to make, here is how.

I found the right size by measuring wee one and chose the shorts version for her size. Instead of cutting the inseam I left it and cut a straight line all the way to the fold (of both the front and the back) - as per picture and guess what - that's it!!! That's the only thing u changed, then I just followed the instructions as per usual - easy peasy hey?


For the skirt with the placket, I used the same “technique” but this time I didn't use the fabric fold, but cut two separate front parts. To the first (left) side, I added a 1cm (3/8") seam allowance to the center front seam and cut a straight line until there . For the second (right) side, I first measured the width of the buttons I was going to use. Then I added that width x 2 (to create the placket later) to the center front seam and cut a straight line until there. Now you have 2 mirrored front sides, one with seam allowance added to the center front and the other with the extra width added to the center front to create the placket.


To make the placket - first I sewed the two fronts together in whatever method you prefer :) Take the measurements from before minus 1 cm for seam allowance, and fold in half for the overlap (or fold where you think it looks pretty). There are a few different ways of doing it, but I think this is easiest: Fold the bigger (right) front piece over the smaller (left) front piece. Then fold the bigger (right) front piece back, creating an overlap that's going to be the placket. Then you top stitch - I like it topstitched both “sides” of the placket :)

I think it's easiest to sew the buttons/put snaps on now, but it can also be done after the skirt is finished. If you do it now, remember that you still have to sew the waistband and the bottom hem. So make sure to leave enough place for them:)

Then you just follow the rest of the instructions and you are done!! And Olli shorts are now Olli skirt 👌

Thank you for sharing Tina! Want to see more of Tina's makes? Check out here instagram account: @tp_tinaphilp. And do tag @misusupatterns and @tp_tinaphilp when you make your own Olli skirt! 

Happy sewing!

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