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Sewing Skill Levels


When downloading a Misusu pattern, we want to make sure you feel confident in your ability to finish the project of your choice. Below we’ve written down little profiles on our skill levels to help you make an informed decision. All Misusu patterns come with clearly illustrated instructions that are easy to understand regardless of your skill level!

BEGINNER  Sewing skill beginner
You’ve made simple things like gathered skirts, tote bags & pillow cases in woven fabrics. You’re starting to get comfortable with your sewing machine and you want to start sewing knits. The idea of sewing a neckband and working with a knit stitch still seems a bit daunting, but you’re up for the challenge! A great place to start is with our free Rowan Tee pattern for beginners - it covers some basic skills on sewing knits.

CONFIDENT BEGINNER  Skill level confident beginner
You’ve made a few garments in woven fabric, perhaps a simple shirt or dress and you have some experience sewing with knits. You tried our free Rowan Tee pattern to great succes! You feel alright about sewing neckbands & cuffs, but you still might find inserting sleeves, attaching (snap)buttons and inserting elastic in a waistband, a bit challenging. 

INTERMEDIATE  Skill level intermediate
Beginner & confident beginner patterns are becoming quick sews for you. You sometimes make changes to a pattern to get your desired effect. You’ve successfully attempted tricky sewing maneuvers like inserting puffed sleeves, zippers, pockets and interfacing, though you still read the instructions thoroughly. 

ADVANCED  Skill level advanced
You’re infected with the sewing bug! You don’t break a sweat when sewing up baby sized garments with lots of small pattern pieces. When using confident beginner & intermediate patterns, you don’t even read through all the instructions anymore. You rely on a solid sewing basis and have enough experience to resolve problems by yourself. You still like a great challenge, but sometimes you also just like a nice pattern that you can elaborate on.

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