Ruffle Revolution | Rowan Tee

April 26, 2018

With a bit of a delay, here's part 2 in our Ruffle Revolution series! This time we're transforming the Rowan Tee into a dress! By increasing the length of your ruffle, you can transform any top or sweater pattern to a dress - how fun is that! And with the Rowan Tee being one of our amazing free patterns, it means versatility never came cheaper! Yay!

Just as a reminder, here are the main 4 steps when altering a pattern & adding a ruffle:

  • Determine the placement of the ruffle on your pattern. If needed, create a new partition seam. Don’t forget to add seam allowance and match the changes to the other corresponding pattern pieces
  • Determine the ruffle width - for a first time, increasing the bottom width of the garment by 2 is a good way to go!
  • Add extra notches to help you divide the ruffle evenly over the width of your garment
  • Use basting or gathering stitches to gather the ruffle, matching the width of the garment

I started with the rowan tee in a size 80. I determined the desired length of the bodice - mid way between the waist and hip - and shortened the front and back bodice pattern pieces to that length. Remember to add seam allowance after shortening.

Measure the bottom width of the bodice and determine the desired width of the skirt. For the skirt width I increased the bottom width of the bodice by 2,5. Determine the height of the skirt. Don’t forget to add seam allowance and the hem. Divide the bottom width of the bodice and the top of the skirt in 4 equal parts and add notches.

Now sew up your rowan tee “dress” by following the steps of the tutorial, but instead of hemming the bodice, you attach the skirt. Prep the skirt as mentioned in steps 3 & 4  in our previous blogpost on adding a ruffle to the crew sweater.

All done!!!
Go forth and ruffle! Happy sewing!

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