Thank you Doris Skirt Testers!

April 07, 2018 1 Comment

Another amazing testing round has come to an end! I was super relaxed going into this test - after doing 3 previous testings with a big group of people, I felt I had the whole testing experience down. And sure, I planned everything to a T, selected a great group of testers, got my deadlines worked out, all the communication set up….But boy did Doris kick my designer butt!

The shape of the Doris skirt proved to be quite challenging - because of the fitted, body hugging silhouette, the fit of the base sizes had to be spot on. Next to that, most bodies don’t fall within one size, so almost everyone testing the Doris, ended up blending between sizes. So during testing, I ended up altering the pattern 4 times and I added a clear and easy tutorial on how to blend between sizes to the sewing tutorial. Check out the blogpost on this topic.

My 45 amazing testers sewed up at least 200 skirts, using 4 different pattern drafts while at the same time handling jobs, caring for sick kids & wounded husbands, battling blizzards, moving house and dealing with failing tech. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards these lovely ladies - I’m so grateful for your time, keen eyes, creativity, friendship and perseverance! It’s because of you, that I feel proud and confident in saying that the Doris skirt pattern is the best Misusu Pattern yet!

So here’s a small selection of their amazing makes. Please check their social media & blogs and show them some much deserved love. And more excitement - tomorrow the first ever Misusu Patterns Social Tour will start! Find more details and the Tour schedule below. But stay tuned until the end of the Tour on April 15th, because we might have a little surprise in store!

XO Elles


Do you still crave more Doris inspiration? Join us on the first ever Misusu Patterns Social Tour!
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Saturday April 7th
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Sunday April 8th
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Monday April 9th
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Tuesday April 10th
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Wednesday April 11th
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Thursday April 12th
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Friday April 13th
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Saturday April 14th
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Ummul | Anouck | Patricia | Daisy
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Sunday April 15th


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January 07, 2019

I love this skirt and I wondered if one day she would come out in women’s version.
Am I hoping to see her in an adult version?
Thank you

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