Padded pineapple artwork

September 28, 2016

Padded pineapple artwork on the jolie sweater

Past seasons we’ve been seeing a lot of padded, stepped, quilted jackets, sweaters, skirts & artworks. Most fabric stores have caught on to the trend and are stocked with ready made stepped fabrics for us DIY-ers craving a more quick fix. In spirit of this trend I came up with a quick artwork DIY to create your own padded artwork made of some awesome left over fabric (yes, we love our left over fabrics around here…) to give your basic sweater or t-shirt an upgrade!

Materials needed for the padded pineapple artwork


  • A small piece of awesome left over fabric with a print that is easy to trace. (Keep in mind that at some point you have to turn the fabric with the padding - so small pointy shapes will be challenging!)
  • A small piece of fabric for the back
  • A small piece of batting material
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • A sweater or T-shirt (I’ve used our Jolie sweater)

Padded pineapple artwork
I had some left over pineapple fabric lying around. As you can see, the shape is pretty easy to follow with a sewing machine. Cut out your print generously to add some seam allowance. Use your cut out print to trace the lining fabric and the batting. In my case, I had the exact same pineapple to use for the lining, but it’s not necessary to have a matching back lining. 

Padded pineapple tutorial

Start with the batting. Place the front (with the print) with the wrong side (the right side of the print is facing up) on the batting. Place the back (lining) with the wrong side up. The right sides of the front and back are now facing each other. Pin in place. Stitch around your print through all layers. Make sure to leave a 1,5” (4cm) opening so you can turn the artwork around. Trim the seam down. 

Padded pineapple artwork
Turn the artwork around so the seam is facing inward. Fold the seam allowance of the opening to the inside, and close the opening. Pin your artwork to your sweater or t-shirt and get creative in following the style lines of the print to attach the artwork. I used the diagonal lines of the pineapple to sew the artwork to the Jolie sweater.

I’m super excited how this little padded pineapple artwork gives the Jolie Sweater a hip and girly feel! 
What fabric are you going to use? Don’t forget to show of your artworks on social media channels using #misusupatterns or our sew & tell Facebook group!

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